dnsbl's? - an informal survey

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Sat May 31 02:25:46 UTC 2003

Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:

> 	White listing is NOT what was being discussed .  Tho is can be
> 	adventagous in the right circumstances .
> 	And neither was Static addressing .  Filtering was being discussed
> 	based on some unknown (to me probably others as well) methodology .
> 		Twyl ,  JimL

White listing comes with any blacklist. The blacklists in particular 
being discussed were the @dynamics, like the PDL and dynablock at 
easynet. Both lists quite clearly state how they build their lists and 
what they are designed to block (dynablock only takes out dialup, and 
PDL takes out all dynamic addressing).

Given the number of insecure client systems on dynamic addressing (proxy 
servers, trojans, etc), accepting email from dynamic addresses is 
becoming inherently more dangerous. If smarthosts can't be used from 
those addresses, then special whitelisting can be done.

Of course, the person implementing email blocks of any type, especially 
public blacklists, must take some ammount of responsibility in 
maintaining legitimate email communications as dictated by users.


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