Salt Lake NANOG Dinner and Movie, Reloaded

Christian Nielsen cnielsen at
Sat May 31 02:21:04 UTC 2003

In Salt Lake City, they have a 'free fare zone'. You can ride TRAX or the
bus at no cost downtown.

One more thing to note, most hotels in SLC have a free shuttle to and from
the airport.


On Fri, 23 May 2003, Pete Kruckenberg wrote:

> For those who will be in Salt Lake for NANOG on Sunday
> evening, June 1, and looking for fun socializing:
> Aviva Garrett from Juniper suggested a NANOG field trip
> Sunday evening to see Matrix Reloaded. Great idea.
> I will make the necessary arrangements (reservation at Happy
> Sumo Sushi Bar, hotel shuttle to get back) for anyone who
> will RSVP.
> We would leave right after the 5:00pm tutorial Sunday
> evening, ride TRAX light rail to The Gateway for a 6:00pm
> dinner at Happy Sumo (or any Gateway restaurant you'd like,
> see for
> a complete list). We'd catch the 8:15 (or if we eat fast,
> the 7:15) Reloaded show, then ride the hotel shuttle back at
> 11:00 (or 10:00 if we catch the 7:15 show).
> Let me know if you are interested, I will make the necessary
> arrangements. If you want to come just for dinner or for the
> movie, RSVP anyways and let me know that.
> This is a pay-your-own-way event. Though any vendors willing
> to fund the field trip will not be turned down.
> Pete.


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