dnsbl's? - an informal survey

Mr. James W. Laferriere babydr at baby-dragons.com
Fri May 30 23:33:47 UTC 2003

	Hello Charles & All ,  Love all of you that want to filter ,
	Please do I would bo one of those that you'd filter .  I've been
	running my little home netowrk for ~8 years using dialup ,  isdn ,
	adsl , cable .  Never could get any employer to fork over better
	than that .  It brings to mind something Randy said ,(something
	like) I highly recommend that my compititon ...
	That way people (ie: customers who know better) will find a
	non/inteligent-filering provider .  Please THINK before doing .
		Hth ,  JimL

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> On Fri, 30 May 2003 listuser at numbnuts.net wrote:
> > Pretty much all the dialup lists contain dynamically assigned DSL/cable
> > IPs as well.
> > I don't have a problem with rejecting a 56k modem user with one of those
> > lists.  Even I'm leary about rejecting mail from DSL/cable customers in
> > the same manner.  Yes they shoud SmartHost to their provider.  There are
> > lots of times when that isn't feasible.

> Dialup is a good throw-away, as is cable.  DSL gets a bit more
> interesting, as you have "upscale" ADSL services, like Speakeasy, that
> give out static IPs and they tend to attract people who wish to run
> servers at home.  Now a list that canned dialup, cable, and most dynamic
> IP DSL, that would be just peachy.  But from where I sit, I'm still seeing
> lots of junk from other sources, usually overseas, and lately a good deal
> of domestic from co-lo providers that don't enforce their AUPs.

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