IANA reserved Address Space

Gerald gcoon at inch.com
Fri May 30 22:51:00 UTC 2003

On Fri, 30 May 2003 Brennan_Murphy at NAI.com wrote:

> I'm tasked with coming up with an IP plan for an very large lab
> network. I want to maximize route table manageability and
> router/firewall log readability. I was thinking of building this
> lab with the following address space:
> /8
> /8
> /8

Since all of the replies have been pretty close to the same (Use RFC1918
...etc), I'd like to rephrase it to answer a curiosity of mine.

RFC1918 is a set number of IP addresses. If you are working on a private
network lab that will be on the internet eventually or have parts on the
internet and exceeds the total number of IPV4 addressing set aside in
RFC1918, and IPV6 private addressing is not an option, what can you do? (I
know it's a stretch, but I think it asks specifically what Brennan wants
to know and what I'm curious about now)

IPV6 would seem to be the best answer overall since it has already been
determined the solution for limited addressing, but there is still
equipment/software and such that does not support it.

Brennan, is a mix of IPV6 and IPV4 private addressing an option for you? I
do have to agree wholeheartedly that using address space not assigned to
you is unprofessional, and will cause someone headaches later even if it
is not you.


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