Moving G and H off .MIL hosts (was Re: .mil domain)

Kevin Day toasty at
Fri May 30 19:05:01 UTC 2003

>If the .MIL network can't provide International Internet service, is it
>time to move the and off their
>current .MIL hosts to better locations to serve the entire Internet.
>Otherwise .MIL policies reduce the robustness of the overall Internet.
>Heck, even when Paul Vixie did his original black-hole lists, he made
>certain that even the worst spammers could still use

Whatever filtering some .MIL sites may or may  not be doing, I don't 
believe that g or are affected.

I've tried tracing to them from systems in .uk, .tw, .ru, .kr, .and hk  and 
I get the same results from them as I do from my ARIN allocated US IP 
blocks. (trace to G with no problem, H has ICMP blocked at, but UDP port 53 seems to get though fine)

To be honest, I'd be rather surprised if .MIL as a whole did ANYTHING 
jointly. The number of independant networks, AS's, borders and 
administrators would make it really difficult for any blanket policy to 
take effect everywhere.

-- Kevin

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