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Richard Irving rirving at onecall.net
Fri May 30 18:45:09 UTC 2003

Precedent, Randy, Precedent !

    UUnet and few others a long time ago had a differing definition of
"peering" that most of us thought, at the time...

But were so BIG, we accepted their routes, anyway.

  * shrug *

A secret black list is a real bugger if:

  No one is allowed to mention it exists.

  If you get on it, there is now way off, no "right of redress".

  No one can -tell- you you are on it.

  No one can tell you if you -aren't-.....

  And if you -somehow- figure out your on it,
   they can't admit it,
   or the -reason- you are on it,
   or take you off even if they wanted.

  Any and all of the above.

  On a lighter note, the US Senate recently
  unsealed the American McCarthy Hearing records.

  :O    :*   :}

Randy Bush wrote:
>>In recent times, a lot of .mil have thrown up a whole bunch of null routes 
>>to large sections of international address space.  Good luck getting them 
> as this means they have a different definition of the internet than
> the one to which i, and i suspect others, are used, why should i and
> others accept their routes?
> randy

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