Moving G and H off .MIL hosts (was Re: .mil domain)

Sean Donelan sean at
Fri May 30 18:23:05 UTC 2003

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Randy Bush wrote:
> > In recent times, a lot of .mil have thrown up a whole bunch of null routes
> > to large sections of international address space.  Good luck getting them
> > removed
> as this means they have a different definition of the internet than
> the one to which i, and i suspect others, are used, why should i and
> others accept their routes?

If the .MIL network can't provide International Internet service, is it
time to move the and off their
current .MIL hosts to better locations to serve the entire Internet.
Otherwise .MIL policies reduce the robustness of the overall Internet.

Heck, even when Paul Vixie did his original black-hole lists, he made
certain that even the worst spammers could still use

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