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Fri May 30 17:25:59 UTC 2003

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>"In recognition of that power, the researchers have named the gene
>"nanog," a reference to the mythological Celtic land of Tir Nan Og,
>whose fairy-like residents are said to stay forever young."
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" largely responsible for giving those cells their unique regenerative 
and therapeutic potential."

[Pull hair out, pull out the nearest bundle of Ethernet cable, see a 
therapist.. or read NANOG.  Results guaranteed !]

"In doing so, the proteins precisely turn "on" and "off" other genes in 
that stretch of DNA..."

[Ooo !]

"..scientists have yet to identify the signal that tells nanog to turn on..."

[IP addressing discussions always raise my temperature a few degrees :)]

"In the current experiments, nanog activity was turned up or blocked with 
genetic techniques that so altered the cells as to make them unacceptable 
for use in humans..."

[Only those lacking the special NANOG cluebat]

"...once people have done a little of it, they want to do more."

[Aw yeah !]

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussions. :)


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