"They all suck!" Re: UPS failure modes (was: fire at NAC)

Dan Armstrong dan at beanfield.com
Thu May 29 22:45:35 UTC 2003

I agree, of course it is ludicrous to think otherwise.

It has always bothered me that we rectify AC power to store it in
batteries, then
re-invert it to power AC servers only for them to rectify it again....


"Tom (UnitedLayer)" wrote:

> > Or we could all take a page from the book of telecom, and run with DC systems.
> It'd be nice to be able to tell our customers:
> "Oh hey, you can only use DC power supplies, so you'll need to change out
> all of the power supplies in your 1U's, Sun Boxes/etc"
> Yes, I have run an installation of servers that were all DC, and it was
> neat, but hardwiring everything was not an exciting task. It was also hard
> to find people who were experienced with DC. Most sysadmins have never
> worked with DC, and the process of pulling a fuse, unscrewing some
> terminals/etc/etc before working on gear isn't always remembered.
> > If only the equipment manufacturers would stop gauging on price for
> > DC equipment/power supplies.
> Amen!
> You'd think there might actually be less components in the things :)

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