Need DNS server outside my own network

Mike Damm MikeD at
Thu May 29 16:48:20 UTC 2003

I would recommend the DNS-Swap list
( It's very low volume (<2
posts/mo) but when someone actually posts something you generally receive
some good responses.

It covers the entire spectrum from swapping secondary for a few zones to
swapping colo for offsite secondary.

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Subject: Need DNS server outside my own network

Hello all,

I'm seeking co-location or a dedicated server outside my own network for
a DNS and MX server. I do not want to rent a box from some of the huge
companies, but prefer working with a fellow ISP.

My systems are currently located at an MFN facility in Frankfurt,

Maybe someone on this list is using cabinets at Miami Data Vault. That
would be the place of choice for me as I plan to grow at their location
in the near future.

Kind regards
Stephan Schwab

Caimito Technologies, LLC
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