[ifl.net #3657] Contact at: DNSRBL / Namesystems

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue May 27 17:33:56 UTC 2003

> Despite attempts to contact DNSRBL / Namesystems I'm not receiving
> any response at all - has anyone on the list any useful contacts?
> (www.dnsrbl.com) - please reply off list.

I know a lot of DNSBLs, and I've never heard of this one before, nor
do I know anyone who uses it.

Are you sure it's worth any effort at all to unlist yourself?  Any
fool can set up a DNSBL, many fools do, most aren't used by anyone.

If someone's using to block mail and you care about sending mail to
that recieipient, I'd be more inclined to call the receipient and
suggest he or she use some more competently run DNSBLs.

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