Usage of ISP Proxys and DNS resolvers

Maximillian Dornseif md at
Sun May 25 23:27:00 UTC 2003

Last month I asked:
> I like to get an estimate if the percentage of users
> 1. Using their Providers HTTP-Proxy to surf the web
> 2. Using their Providers DNS-Servers/recursive resolvers to resolve DNS
> queries

While I got no answers to these questions I received some helpful 
pointers from the nanog community. Probably the most helpful one was 
the powerpoint presentation at  which gave a great overview 
about HTTP-proxies.
Seems NOBODY is actually controlling the ROI of their 
HTTP-Cache-Proxies ... at least nobody seems to do proxy stats in 
relation to their total user base.

Also Ben Edelman's paper:  "Web  Sites Sharing IP Addresses: Prevalence 
and Significance" at was a great 
hint. While not about proxies it helps estimate the number of sides hit 
'accidently' by using IP-filtering to block Web content.

I'm just finishing a paper on the subject of censoring web content via 
IP-filterning, HTTP-proxies and DNS-tampering. I would be glad to send 
a draft of it to people interested in this matters. I would be even 
more glad to find somebody willing and able to review my papers 
coverage on the performance impact of IP-Filtering and the real-world 
configuration problems of BIND (only as related to blocking 
domains/censorship =:-). The final paper will be available on the web.



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