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Subject: FW: Free GAP Gift Certificates

Who knows...it's worth a shot.
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Subject: Fw: Free GAP Gift Certificates
  <http://graphics.hotmail.com/emsmile.gif>  Amy Schumacher
Hi friends!- Who couldn't use some new summer clothes? Read below and  pass
it on! 
Subject: Gap certificates free!!!!!! 
 Hey guys, 
I finally found one that is TRUE! I went down to the Gap myself and redeemed
my GIFT CERTIFICATES already!!! I sent enough e-mails to get over two
hundred dollars worth of clothes from the GAP! You know, with all the crap
sent  over the mail, it is good to know that something Finally rings true in
this environment of virtual deception. Send it to everyone you know,and you
too can have a whole new wardrobe, courtesy of THE GAP! 
Hi! My name is Janelle McCan, 
Founder of the Gap. I am offering thirty five dollar gift certificates to 
every seven people you send this to. When you have finished sending this 
letter to as many people as you wish, a screen will come up. It will tell
you how much  you Have earned in Gap gift certificates. ! Print that screen
out and bring  it to your  local Gap store. The sales Clerk will give you
your certificates and you can  SHOP BABY! This is a Sales promotion to get
our name out to young people around the world. We believe this project can
be a success, but with your  help.    Thank you for your support 
Janelle McCan 
Founder of Gap 


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