Wasted netspace (recovering)

Iljitsch van Beijnum iljitsch at muada.com
Mon May 19 20:20:16 UTC 2003

On zondag, mei 18, 2003, at 23:28 Europe/Amsterdam, william at elan.net 

> Discussion on changing policies allowing to recover wasted ip space
> should be done on proper ARIN mailing list - ppml at arin.net

Why? It is well above the median off-topicness here.

> If you're not subscribed, I can repost your message there, but I can 
> tell
> you right now this will not be supported - nobody wants to have to
> rejustify a block (even after 5 years) and even worse is that ARIN for
> legal and other reasons is not touching old ip space

Real fair to people who really need addresses... Even if the RIRs don't 
want to flat-out revoke the allocations there is plenty they can do to 
encourage people to give back their large blocks that are presumably 
underused. One way would be to not allow ISPs to assign even a single 
new address to those organizations. Another would be to charge a yearly 
per-address fee. Make it 6 cents per address: $15 for a /24, $4000 for 
a /16 and $1,000,000 for a /8. That'll teach them.

On the other hand, why bother when there are still 1.5 billion (40% of 
the usable IPv4 address space) unallocated by IANA? And the current 
growth rate seems fairly stable at around 65 million per year being 
allocated to the RIRs. That should give us plenty of time to adopt IPv6.

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