Communities BCP [was: RE: BGP Path Filtering]

Danny McPherson danny at
Fri May 16 21:47:02 UTC 2003

On 5/16/03 1:26 PM, "Jay Ford" <jay-ford at> wrote:

> You can & definitely should strip those community values on announcements you
> receive from EBGP peers.  Interesting things happen if you let others turn
> your routing policy knobs when you think they can't reach them.\


Likewise, when you receive communities (and MEDs, ugh!) [if possible] you
should reset them (v. employing 'additive').  Unnecessary propagation and/or
uniqueness of many attributes (especially transitive) can that go unnoticed
often have a significant impact on efficiencies of BGP update packing --
which subsequently impacts convergence, CPU & memory resource utilization,


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