GlobalCrossing issues in NYC around 17:00 EDT

Richard Irving rirving at
Thu May 15 22:37:22 UTC 2003

alex at wrote:
> Did anyone notice anything starange in GlobalCrossing network around 17:00
> EDT today (especially in NYC)? I am staring at 30% traffic drop in a period
> of under 10 minutes...

   Interestingly, a problem that was happening ....

Good route, good traceroute, good ping....

But a GET /  into port 80, hung....  to,

  It was sporadic, it would come and go.... mostly gone, but,
it would recover for moments....

  It repaired itself/was fixed, and coincided with shutting down a UUnet feed,
at almost exactly the same moment as when you posted your message....

Serendipity ?

> Alex

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