LFT - Layer Four Traceroute?

Russ Haynal russ at navigators.com
Thu May 15 18:01:05 UTC 2003


I have read about the LFT Tool at the following web page:
It looks like this traceroute might succeed where traditional UDP 
Traceroutes fail.

Does anybody know of any publicly accessible traceroute servers which are 
running LFT in the background?

Here are some other interesting online tools:

   AS Trace between any two starting 
points:   http://www.fixedorbit.com/trace.htm
   AS Path Visualization:  http://lab.verat.net/Jaspvi/
   GASP - Graphical AS path: http://mogwai.frnog.org/sysctl/gasp/  (offline 
at the moment)
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