identity theft != spam

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Thu May 15 17:14:19 UTC 2003

what is wrong with this picture?

    From: "NewsScan" <newsscan at>

    NewsScan Daily, 15 May 2003 ("Above The Fold")
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    Howard Carmack, the so-called "Buffalo Spammer," has become the
    first person in New York state to be charged under the state's
    identity theft laws. If convicted, he could be sentenced to
    2-1/2 to 7 years in prison for identity theft, forgery,
    criminal possession of forgery devices (in the form of software
    used to create phony return addresses), and falsifying business
    records. According to the indictment, Carmack "stole the
    identities of innocent New Yorkers to spam millions of
    consumers throughout New York and the nation." He is charged
    with using 343 stolen identities to send his unsolicited bulk
    mailings through Earthlink accounts. An Earthlink executive
    said the main impact of the arrest would be to demonstrate to
    others the "very high cost of doing business" in spam. (New
    York Newsday 14 May 2003),0,2414486.story?coll=nyc-business-short-navigation

this exemplifies the corporate and legislative attempt to confuse
spam == uce with forgery.  if they can make the latter the issue,
this leaves the way completely clear for unsolicited commercial
email from the corporate sector which now fills our post boxes with
ground trees.


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