Fwd: Club-Internet/T-Online France

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Wed May 14 09:35:57 UTC 2003

+-le 13/05/2003 11:08 -0700, Dan Hollis écrivait :
| On Tue, 13 May 2003, Thomas Kuiper wrote:
|> Well, what kind of abuse?
|> The whole is customer ADSL access
|> and abuse at club-internet.fr works very well.
| No, it doesn't. The abuse at club-internet.fr denied that 
| belongs to them, and they told me to "talk to the real provider, not 
| club-internet.fr".

It may make you laugh, or grin, but, yesterday, and maybe today, all Paris
mass transportations system were (and maybe still is) on strike, and no one
read abuse mail yesterday, as the ppl doing it could not get to work. I
hope they'll be today.
That could explain why you don't have any news from them.

Mathieu Arnold

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