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ddragon at hushmail.com ddragon at hushmail.com
Mon May 12 14:21:13 UTC 2003

>And you can see previous affiliation to advistechsa.com (remember
>previous post that VMX INC block that is probably
>to be Lucent block now? Well vmxnetworks was their upstream!).
>Spews has a lot of info on that gang:
>http://www.spews.org/html/S2425.html (publicom!)

Here we are, over a week after this being pointed out on the NANOG list,
 and Cogent continues to let them advertise this netblock illegally.
 Since they are incapable of filtering themselves, could someone from
MFN (their upstream) step up to the plate and put down some prefix-lists
or null routes or them?   Any Cogent peers reading this list?

>Besides that it seems publicom which is possibly same as networktron
>has long history of spamming and ip block hijacking back from 1999
>Networldtron is the company for which most of the ip blocks which
>I listed 
>as announced by AS8143 are swipped to at ARIN database. Their main
>networldtron.net is now expired and inactive (if you do whois on
>it you'll 
>find connection to publicom yet again). But ntwt.net is active and
>been taken over by company called Naronda with domain naronda.com
>- be on 
>the lookout for such a client who maybe spammer and hijacker!

Or maybe AS 8143 has no connection to Advisetech at all.  In today's
global economy, it's common to have an ASN from a defunct company in
Florida, and IP space from Lucent Technologies, Mansfield MA, a PO box
in ZA, a company with IP's in New York but a domain in Beverly Hills,
 VE, and HT all routed to servers in NYC (do a traceroute).  What's a
few million SMTP connections between friends?

Yeah, hats off to XO's abuse department.  Keep up the good work guys.

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