Another possibly hijacked block -

fingers fingers at
Mon May 12 06:44:25 UTC 2003


> Now if anybody is here from South Africa, possibly UNINET/TENET or somebody
> associated with AS1957 or AS3741 and knows anything about this block
> please reply and if something wrong did happen as far as ARIN records, we
> need to let them know.

many moons ago there were a bunch of large blocks which were assigned to
Uninet. These ended up as a rather large swamp. Uninet has however been
busy trying to clean up the info for these (see I see
the record was updated in feb this year. There are afaik a few ppl from
3741 on this list, so perhaps they'd know more (if it was a downstream of
theirs actually using the space). I'll bounce a mail to the Tenet people
and see if they can assist.



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