Internet core scale and market-based address allocation

alex at alex at
Sun May 11 16:54:12 UTC 2003

> > > The only way this could possibly work is direct billing to those consuming
> > > the resources by everyone who's resources are being consumed across the
> > > entire network.
> > 
> > 	When I buy a hamburger from Burger King, I just pay for the hamburger.
> > Burger King needs to get beef and pays for the beef using the money they got
> > from me for the hamburger. No problem.
> This is a poor analogy, since there is nothing McDonald's customers do which
> affects Burger King's customers in the same way as JoeISP's customer's
> deaggregation affects JaneISP's customers.

This is not entirely correct. McDonald's customers may choose to stand in
front of Burger Kings blocking traffic to it.


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