Internet core scale and market-based address allocation

bdragon at bdragon at
Sat May 10 23:55:01 UTC 2003

> > Route advertisements do not fit any existing model, since an advertisement
> > affects all members of the system equally, no matter how far away they are
> > from the advertisement.
> 	Er. Not at all.
> 	Please review routing 101.  
> 	Pop quiz.  define prefix filtering and proxy aggregation
> --bill

Reread my email dated 4/17/2003 with subject of "selective auto-aggregation"
I think you'll find I've already given some thought on proxy aggregation
as better than prefix-filtering for maintaining connectivity while limitting
the effects of someone else's deaggregation.

One person mentioned that atomic aggregates would lead to problems, which would
if it were the case, strike down the solution I had come up with.
This leaves us with prefix-filtering, which at present leads to blackholes,
due to the frequent lack of advertising of largest aggregates.

A third solution, under discussion in this thread, would be removing
filters and compensating networks by those who feel they need/want to
deaggregate. The problems of which I've already detailed.

Do you have any solutions you wish to offer?

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