Internet core scale and market-based address allocation

bdragon at bdragon at
Sat May 10 22:44:43 UTC 2003

> > Assuming peers are equal, their number of announcements are likely to
> > approximate each other with a zero-sum. However, the customers of these
> > peers are still contributing to my resource usage, as well as my
> > customer's usage. Should I pay my customer for someone else's
> > deaggregation?
> > Certainly my customer is being affected by someone else's customer's
> > wanton deaggregation.
> >
> > The only way this could possibly work is direct billing to those consuming
> > the resources by everyone who's resources are being consumed across the
> > entire network.
> 	When I buy a hamburger from Burger King, I just pay for the hamburger.
> Burger King needs to get beef and pays for the beef using the money they got
> from me for the hamburger. No problem.

This is a poor analogy, since there is nothing McDonald's customers do which
affects Burger King's customers in the same way as JoeISP's customer's
deaggregation affects JaneISP's customers.

Route advertisements do not fit any existing model, since an advertisement
affects all members of the system equally, no matter how far away they are
from the advertisement.

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