DMCA Violation?

Mark Radabaugh mark at
Fri May 9 21:05:14 UTC 2003

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From: "Daniel Senie" <dts at>

> The Lucasfilm folks sent a blanket note to some or all folks registered as
> ISPs under the DMCA which said to look for files named <long list of file
> names> and delete those from your servers if you find them. The file names
> were of trailers for Star Wars Episode I. We told them to piss off and
> send us notices if they had ACTUAL EVIDENCE of violation. They were
> attempting to get ISPs to do their work for them and hunt down violators.
> We never did hear anything further from them. I have to wonder how many
> ISPs actually acceded to their demand.

Hum... Same letter and same response from us.   I figured some lawyer made a
lot of money sending those out.

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