FW: Official Notice: Information Update Required

Jeremy T. Bouse Jeremy.Bouse at UnderGrid.net
Thu May 8 21:15:42 UTC 2003

	Let alone gawd forbid they have accurate information
themselves... I swear they must have a seperate database for each
department within NetSol and they only get together once a decade to
merge (who needs to update when you can just merge all of them together)
them... I've updated quite a number of domains and transfered them to
other divisions completely removing our contact info from the domains
and yet I still get postal and email notices regarding these domains... 

	Then all those third-parties that they sold the WHOIS data to
for bulk advertising that still have records that are atleast 2+ years
old and still snail mail you regarding some domain you had control of
back then...

	I haven't been too impressed with NetSol's performance and yes
I get these on a regular basis...


On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 04:41:47PM -0400, Ray Burkholder wrote:
> Do other people get these vague notices from Network Solutions?  How am
> I supposed to figure out to which account they are referring?  When I
> click on the link, I get a generic login page, so don't know which of a
> dozen accounts I might need to update.  How do you figure out what they
> want updated?  I've '....' out the specific codes in my message, but
> assume there are unique to the recipient.  Are these magical codes some
> sort of Network Solution's version of spammer's qualification that you
> do indeed exist when clicked on?
> Ray Burkholder
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> From: Network Solutions, Inc.
> [mailto:NetworkSolutions.14207 at info1.networksolutions.com] 
> Sent: May 8, 2003 10:30
> To: awc at viaccess.net
> Subject: Official Notice: Information Update Required
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we are
> sending you this account notification.
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> Dear Network Solutions(R) Customer,
> The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 
> is the non-profit corporation responsible for accrediting 
> domain name registrars.  ICANN requires domain name registration 
> customers to keep their account information current. ICANN 
> mandates that outdated contact information can be grounds for 
> domain name cancellation.
> To comply with this requirement, please verify, and if 
> necessary, update your account records.  To confirm your current 
> account information:
> * Go to http://info1.networksolutions.com/t/.....
> * Click on WhoIs in the upper right hand corner 
>   of the page
> * Type your domain name in the WhoIs Search box 
> * Your account information will be displayed
> If your information is not current, please log in to Account 
> Manager to make any needed updates:
> http://info1.networksolutions.com/t/....
> Thank you for your attention to this matter.
> Network Solutions Customer Support
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> For any customer service inquiries, please click below:
> mailto:customerservice at networksolutions.com 
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> click below:
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> continue to send you notices and other important information 
> affecting your account or services in order to fulfill our 
> service obligations to you.
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