DMCA Violation?

Eric Gauthier eric at
Thu May 8 14:31:29 UTC 2003

> > Has anyone seen a copy of the following email?  Furthermore, has it been
> > determined which ISP services create a legal or equitable liability for
> > the ISP?  God help us if providing transport to an FTP site counts as
> > one of the offending services.  I guess it's time to turn on NBAR at the
> > edge routers.

Welcome to the hell that all of us Universities are in.  I have no clue
if this particular email is legit, but we receive approximately 100
DMCA violation notices per day (yes, 100 per day) with a timestamp and
individual IP that violated someone's copyright.  Our NetSec team has
all kinds of fun tracking each of these...

Eric :)

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