Class "B" IP BLOCK

Chris Woodfield rekoil at
Wed May 7 21:14:38 UTC 2003

IIRC, Afterburner stopped using his real name in any sort of official capacity as 
RCN's abuse manager after he received a death threat accompanied by a photo of his 
house. I can't say I blame him. :)


> "AfterBurner", LOL!  If they're so respected, why are they incapable
> of demonstrating a bit of common sense and netiquite as posting with
> their real names instead of pseudonyms?  How am I to take anyone seriously
> when they go by "AfterBurner"?  This is the operational community you're
> addressing here, not the audience at a 2600 meeting.
> And you've failed to even comment on the URL I produced earlier, showing
> evidence of SPAM on RCN's network, some originating from RCN sales and
> support people.  
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