We have a firewall (was Re: Pakistan government orders ISP service level agreement)

Rob Pickering rob at pickering.org
Wed May 7 18:51:57 UTC 2003

--On 07 May 2003 12:05 +0100 "Stephen J. Wilcox" 
<steve at telecomplete.co.uk> wrote:
> On Tue, 6 May 2003, Sean Donelan wrote:
>> The Pakistan Telecommunications Company Ltd has aquired a firewall
>> to solve the DDOS situation impacting Internet service in the
> I know we're all entertained by this quite unbelievable situation
> but is anyone  actually helping these folks out?

They seem to have issued an ITT if anyone is interested:

BTW, the firewall may be more than a response to DDOS, it seems that 
Pakistan doesn't have a fully liberalised telecomms infrastructure 
yet: http://www.ptcl.com.pk/news/apr_30_b_2003.html


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