Class "B" IP BLOCK

Dave Israel davei at
Wed May 7 13:39:23 UTC 2003

On 5/6/2003 at 21:34:56 -0700, ddragon at said:
> >> "7. Postings to the list must be made using real, identifiable
> >names
> >> and addresses, rather than aliases." 
> >
> >This _is_ my real address. 
> Moot point.  You're not posting with your actual first and last name
> in the From header.  In other words, you are in violation of the NANOG
> AUP.  I respectfully ask that you do the honrable thing and come into
> compliance, or unsubscribe yourself from nanog-post, lest MERIT will
> take the appropriate action on your behalf.
> This is no forum for anonymous cowards.

Full real name?  From my headers to your message:

Received: from (localhost [])
	by (8.12.6/8.12.3) with ESMTP id h474Ywvo010235; Tue,
 06 May 2003 21:34:58 -0700 (PDT envelope-from ddragon at
Received: (from nobody at localhost)	by
 (8.12.6/8.12.3/Submit) id h474Yw1q010234; Tue, 06 May 2003 21:34:58 -0700 (PDT)
Errors-to: owner-nanog-outgoing at
Message-id: <200305070434.h474Yw1q010234 at>
Precedence: bulk
X-Loop: nanog
Delivered-to: nanog-outgoing at
Delivered-to: nanog at
Delivered-to: nanog at
From: ddragon at

Pot, kettle?  Flame/troll somewhere else, please.  As you observed
yourself, this is the operational community you're addressing here.

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