Good (cheap) 2000Mb/s solution?

Peter E. Fry pfry at
Tue May 6 21:55:40 UTC 2003

Simon Lockhart wrote:

> I've heard of people who use a pair of SX gbics (1310nm), and a pair of LX
> gbics (1550nm), and a cheap WDM splitter to get two GigE's down one pair
> of fiber.

  Cool, so long as your splitter actually handles 1000BASE-SX (850nm)...
launched into multimode...?  Hmm.  Does that fly?  1000BASE-LX is
1310nm, and some proprietary LR stuff goes into the 1500s.  Those GBICs
ain't so cheap as SX, but hey.
  Or maybe you're thinking of 10GBASE-Ex?  (Ow! My wallet!)

Peter E. Fry

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