The in-your-face hijacking example, was: Re: Who is announcing bogons?

Richard Cox Richard at
Tue May 6 19:13:37 UTC 2003

On 6 May 2003 18:18:18 (UT), Scott Granados <scott at> wrote:

| They used to have a fellow who worked the abuse desk.
| Dave something  I apologise I can't remember his last name.
|  He was very good at follow-up and followed up on everything
| from spam complaints to infected machines, worms etc.

They (Cogent) did indeed have David Harlow as Supervisor of their Abuse
team until very recently indeed.  David had achieved almost-universal
industry respect for what he had managed to achieve at Cogent.

> I have no idea if he's still there

I understand from both sides that David left Cogent on amicable terms;
I'm obviously not at liberty to say where he went but I would regard
his new position as a positive career move!

| one time Cogent did take spam very seriously but maybe that's changed.

You are absolutely right.  I have since managed to reach Cogent at the
right "level" and was able to ensure they are now aware of the problem.
Cogent has now removed a lot of the routing but despite the assurances
Emil Kacperski gave us here, Atrivo are still announcing the Los Angeles
County ISD bloc (, this time via NLayer ...  10912		Internap  16631		Cogent  16631		Cogent  16631		Cogent 16631 27595	Atrivo via Cogent 6939		Hurricane Electric   4474 27595	Atrivo via NLayer   4474 27595	Atrivo via NLayer  4474 27595	Atrivo via NLayer  4474 27595	Atrivo via NLayer  4474 27595	Atrivo via NLayer

Richard Cox

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