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Perhaps it is the water here in America, or bovine growth hormones in 
the milk.

The state of the RIPE db may have more to do with the cooperation of 
the RIPE
membership rather than the RIPE management. ARIN has the unenviable 
task of dealing
with American ISPs. Most ISPs in land of cowboys are run by ultra 
cowboys. They
don't cotton well to people in charge of resource management.

Of course ARIN is an organization made of of the vary ISPs that 
complain about
it. So, don't complain and not participate in ARIN meetings.

Go to the next meeting.

IMHO - The back to back NANOG/ARIN meeting are great opportunity for 
by this community. I am glad that ARIN and the Merit folks have the 
vision to
bring these meetings together.

Most any problem can be resolved if we make an effort to work together 
toward a

On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 04:26  AM, Frank Louwers wrote:

> On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 10:20:24AM +0100, Michael.Dillon at 
> wrote:
>>> But it doesn't answer the basic questions.  How do you tell the
>> difference
>>> between a legitimate change and an illegitmate change?  If ARIN 
>>> makes it
>>> extremely difficult to update registry records, the records will get 
>>> even
>>> more out of date.  On the other hand if ARIN makes it too easy to 
>>> update
>>> registry records, the wrong people can make unauthorized changes.
>> That's a good question, Sean. However there is another way. ARIN and 
>> the
>> other RIRs need to stop publishing the whois directories as they stand
>> today. There is no good reason for publishing most of the information 
>> that
>> they do publish.
> Well, I was a bit amased by the latest ARIN whois debate here. As far 
> as
> I can tell, the RIPE db is much more up to date, and (and this is
> important) lists the date and emailaddress of all the changes to the
> objects ... So where your comments might be a GoodThing(tm) for ARIN, I
> don't think many Europeans have such issues with the RIPE db.
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