Pakistan government orders ISP service level agreement

Joseph Noonan jfn at
Tue May 6 02:08:07 UTC 2003

On Mon, 5 May 2003 at 9:31pm Vijay Gill wrote:

> Daniel Golding <dgold at FDFNet.Net> writes:
> > Well, we can rest easy with the Paki Telecomunications Ministry on the
> > case. They'll have this whole DDOS thing wrapped up in no time.
> Using paki to represent Pakistan is considered a pejorative.

Looky here, it is a good enough term for our beloved Bush of
Mesopotamia, I don't see why it's not good enough for Mr. Golding.

We look to Our President for guidance in these matters...isn't
that what Presidents are for?


Joseph F. Noonan

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