Pakistan government orders ISP service level agreement

Joseph T. Klein jtk at
Mon May 5 20:02:26 UTC 2003

Another example of how lack of splay allows DDOS to devastate a network.
Paul Vixie's presentation on anycast F root server provided good points
about splay. They need more peer points and sites, not a move from point
A to point B.

On Monday, May 5, 2003, at 01:58  PM, Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Mon, 5 May 2003, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
>> I suppose contacting upstreams for traceback and filtration isn't
>> something they want to do??
> I may not be on the correct lists to hear about the local Pakistan ISP
> scene, but I didn't find much technical information about what was
> happening.
> The attacks APPEAR to be originating from India and a virus called YAHA
> which targets certain Pakistan government web sites, .PK top-level 
> domain
> name servers and the primary Internet exchange in Pakistan.  Most of 
> the
> Pakistan Internet traffic is funneled through a single exchange point 
> and
> official provider PTCL.  Good for intelligence agencies, bad for
> reliability and DDOS survivability.
> YAHA variants have been circulating since last June.  The infected
> computers are inside and outside of Pakistan, and continuing to 
> increase
> So you need to solve
>    1. Viruses
>    2. Spam
>    3. DDOS
> I suppose you could renumber/rename Pakaistan.  But when the next
> variant of Yaha was released, it would probably just include the
> updated information.
> One of the government ministers suggested moving some of the official
> sites to the colocation in the US.  It might help in the short term, 
> since
> the US has excess bandwidth and can absorb the attacks longer.
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