69/8 was Re: Re[4]: The in-your-face hijacking example, was: Re: Who is announcing bogons?

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Sun May 4 23:19:02 UTC 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Scott Granados wrote:

> However, my self the complaints have entirely stopped.  We haven't had an
> issue of reachability brought up now since the very tail end of 2002.  Rob
> Thomas can probably speak to reachability better.  I believe he was going to
> do some testing on reachability and colocated some boxes on 69/8 space.  I'd
> have to say though there has been real movement in this area.

I actually did that shortly after ARIN issued a block of 69/8 to 
Atlantic.Net and posted the live results at the URL I'd mentioned.

We're down to about half the number of hosts behind 69/8 filters as when I 
first completed the ping sweep that this data is based on, but there are 
still hundreds of unreachable networks.

> > http://69box.atlantic.net/cgi-bin/bogon

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