Topics for Salt Lake City

Susan Harris srh at
Fri May 2 16:58:29 UTC 2003

Here are the talks we've scheduled so far for June:


  - ISP Security: Deploying and Using Sinkholes
    Barry Raveendren Greene, Cisco, and Danny McPherson, Arbor

  - Introduction to MPLS 
    Joe Soricelli, Juniper

  - BGP Multihoming Techniques
    Philip Smith, Cisco

  - Deploying Interdomain IP Multicast
    Mike McBride, Cisco

General Session

  - Lawful Interception: Should There be Standards? 
    Jeff Schiller, MIT

  - XML Router Configs - Progress and Predictions (Panel) 
    Randy Bush, IIJ, moderator

  - @Home Cable Backbone Deployment Experiences 
    Cathy Wittbrodt

  - BGP Attack Trees - Real World Examples 
    Sue Hares, NextHop

  - MPLS-Based Synchronous Traffic Shunt 
    Yehudah Afek, Riverstone, and Roy Brooks, Cisco

  - IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack on Abilene 
    Grover Browning, Indiana University

  - Implementation of ARIN's Lame DNS Delegation Policy 
    Ed Lewis, ARIN

  - NRIC Best Practices for ISP Security 
    Ross Callon, Juniper


  - Inter-provider Coordination for Real-Time Tracebacks 
    Kathleen M. Moriarty, MIT

  - Achieving Record Speed Trans-Atlantic End-to-end TCP Throughput 
    Les Cottrell, Stanford University

Monday Evening BOFs

  - Device Discovery Protocols 
    Dave Ward, Cisco, and Pedro Roque Marques, Juniper, moderators

  - ISP Security BOF III 
    Barry Raveendran Greene, Cisco, moderator

More info here:

PS - the hotel block ends on May 10.  See you soon!

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