Market-based address allocation

Eric Gauthier eric at
Thu May 1 17:56:46 UTC 2003

> >       Oh... sorry, are folks really seriously wanting
> >       to treat integers as a marketable commodity?
> Treating IP space as a commodity is no more strange than trading financial
> options or other derivatives, or, for that matter, intellectual property.
> Bits, numbers, and agreements all hold value outside of the context of
> purely physical property.

In this context, which is more real:

	1) That highly dense, "gold"-colored bar of metal
	2) The little green pieces of paper in my wallet
	3) The ones-and-zero's that make up the balance in my checking account

IMHO, these are ordered correctly from a physical standpoint but ordered
backwards in terms of marketablility...  If you have $100's worth of gold,
a one hundred-dollar bill, and $100 in your checking/debit account - which
is the easiest to transact with?

Eric :)

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