National Do Not Call Registry has opened

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Subject: Re: National Do Not Call Registry has opened Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 08:14:51PM +0100 Quoting Roland Perry (roland at
> In message <3EFC5B2F.11611.1E0AAC12 at localhost>, Nick Nelson 
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> >I  was thinking more along the line of a bot submitting every possible 
> >10 digit phone number. Do the nation a favor.
> Which is, of course, what might happen with email addresses, if someone 
> made the very bad decision to implement a plausible opt-out scheme for 
> junk emails.

We had this discussion in Sweden a couple years back, in the operator
forum, and we more or less joked that wildcards with exception was
the only acceptable opt-out, where a domain holder might submit a
domain name and state "only those email accounts matched by "*"
who opt out of my wildcard opt-out may be sent spam". At the time
I was working at the swedish TLD registry and immediately offered
"*.se" as wildcard, since that was "my domain". ;-)  

We still have no such register. Or any register. 

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