companies like microsoft and telia...

Huopio Kauto Kauto.Huopio at
Thu Jun 26 11:52:42 UTC 2003

>> Perhaps someone could write a bcp for an email-form that lays out the
>> information so we can make the complaints use this format and all
>> departments can accept using this form, to get some structure to it?

>yow.  i first asked that this be done in 1998, and for this very reason
>among others.  can anybody beat that date (with an earlier one?)  this is
>a hard problem but with outlook forms and sri-style ascii templates it's
>quite achievable.  note though that many abusebots will reject MIME
>since it might contain a virus.  and, there will be huge controversies
>about header munging, list cleaning, complaint forwarding, and >definitions
>"abuse", "consent", "implied consent", "recourse", and "standing".

>so if ``someone'' writes this up, count me as a grateful&willing
>Paul Vixie

How about IODEF? Lots of CERT:s and company-internal abuse teams:s ticketing
systems are going to eat it with ease - if not now, soon.


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