Router crash unplugs 1m Swedish Internet users

Ben Buxton B.Buxton at
Tue Jun 24 06:46:39 UTC 2003

> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Jim Deleskie wrote:
> > One router and it takes there entire network off-line... 
> Maybe someone needs
> > a Intro to Networks 101 class.
> Well, if the memory errors corrupts the forwarding table 
> placed on the 
> line cards or something similar, and still keeps its 
> adjacancies up, then 
> you can get these problems. I've seen it happen on 
> route-cache boxes where 
> certain entries in the ip-forwarding table was corrupted and thus 
> incorrectly routed.

Oooh I had one of these once - a bug in the forwarding engine of a J-box
caused all through traffic to drop whilst maintaining adjacencies and
VRRP mastership. It took two incidents to determine what the cause of
the fault was.

So much for redundancy...

Fortunately it was at the tail end of a maintenance window.
it affected a similar size user base to the Telia fault (but luckily it
seems no-one noticed enough to publicise it :)


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