ISPs are asked to block yet another port

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at
Mon Jun 23 23:08:38 UTC 2003

* chris at UU.NET (Christopher L. Morrow) [Mon 23 Jun 2003, 18:01 CEST]:
> Two interesting points though:
> 1) Spammers adapt
> 2) default insecure OS installs cause problems

Employees of XS4ALL, a Dutch ISP, today held several talks about a
variety of subjects for its customers to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
One of the talks was about security in general, held by Scott McIntyre.
Hopefully he'll have the slides on soon because it was an excellent
talk, in which he touched upon several subjects mentioned in this thread
(spammers, trojans, viruses, default installations being vulnerable,
 that port blocking is not a solution at all).

I'll post a URL when it becomes available.


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