Router crash unplugs 1m Swedish Internet users

David Barak thegameiam at
Mon Jun 23 21:27:08 UTC 2003

I've seen a case where a single error in the
configuration file of a $VENDOR_1 router was accepted
(due to an 'undocumented feature'), and this caused
the wholesale importation of BGP routes into the IGP,
which caused most of their $VENDOR_2 hardware to spaz
out.  Locating the single error was a matter of hours,
not minutes, so effectively a typo took out that ISP -
and it's considered by most to be a relatively
well-designed network.

-David Barak

--- Jim Deleskie <jdeleski at> wrote:
> One router and it takes there entire network
> off-line... Maybe someone needs
> a Intro to Networks 101 class.
> -jim

David Barak
-fully RFC 1925 compliant-

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