BTinternet problems?

Mike Lewinski mike at
Mon Jun 23 01:06:05 UTC 2003

bdragon at wrote:

> You appear to be excessively deaggregating your space. Perhaps they
> are doing the responsible thing by filtering it?

I had a /20 from which BT was unreachable, and a /24 working just fine, 
so this seems doubtful, unless they are doing it to be spiteful and 
punitive alone.

I say "had" because we have since withdrawn almost all announcements 
that AS7018 was learning from AS19694 and temporarily "fixed" the 
problem. It still exists, and it is clear now that the problem lies 
somewhere between AS7018 and AS2856. AS7018 says that my traceroutes are 
"confusing" to them, so I have pretty much given up hope of ever seeing 
a resolution to this.

> As announced, 13345 has 92 prefixes originated. After aggregation,
> there are 44 prefixes. 

Policy for most of those were set prior to my involvement with BGP here. 
I have managed to prevent the (otherwise forgone) deaggregation of and since my involvement at this level. 
I am also working to prepare an application for PI space from ARIN and 
the end result will be to reduce our total # of prefixes. Due to 
topology, aggregation of the remainder at this time would require 
several hundred clients to renumber immediately.

Yes, I know this sucks. Yes, I am working towards a solution. No, it 
isn't going to happen tomorrow. Yes, I feel the pain every time I look 
at what we advertise.


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