Andy Dills andy at
Fri Jun 20 16:21:03 UTC 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Deepak Jain wrote:

> > I strongly approve of such requirement. I know that it is in the peering
> > agreements of several carriers, but they often don't check or enforce
> > this. Many register customer routes and ASes. If routes and policies
> > were properly registered, securing the Internet would be a lot closer
> > to being possible.
> Is it safe to assume (now) that all the routes one would care to listen to
> (under normal circumstances)
> are registered in an IRR now? I remember there used to be well-known issues
> with some networks, especially internationally.

I dunno, there are plenty of smaller ASes who have yet to be forced to
register their routes.

We haven't yet been forced, but I finally got motivated to submit them to
altdb last night. Altdb definitely rocks.


Andy Dills
Xecunet, Inc.

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