Vandy Hamidi vandy.hamidi at
Thu Jun 19 22:30:32 UTC 2003

Our new ISP is asking that I create a maintainer object in the RADB and associated AS/Routes for us to be about to eBGP peer.
This is the first time I've been asked by a provider to do this for something as simple as peering to advertise a couple /24's.
I've peered with ATT, Sprint, UUnet, Qwest, Savvis, SBC, and Internap in the past and never had to do anything but have a valid ASN provided by ARIN.
Is this just so they can dynamically build their prefix/as-path lists?
Why would I need to do this and what advantages are there.  Cost to register with RADB is $250/year and I want to understand it before I shell out.
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