Slow and Fast IP addresses on http ?

Nathan J. Mehl memory-nanog at
Tue Jun 17 17:28:35 UTC 2003

In the immortal words of Paul Vixie (vixie at
> > It might also be port 113 -- some sites try to query your tcp port 113, 
> > and wait for a timeout if the port is firewalled.  A better solution 
> > than blocking it is to send an immediate RST.
> people who depend on tcp/113 deserve everything stupid that happens to them.
> dropping SYN packets or returning a fixed string are both better than sending
> an immediate RST.  (false confidence being valued less than low confidence.)
> i was rather shocked to discover tcp/113 clientness enabled by default in
> postfix and sendmail.  but even widespread ignorance does not call for
> widespread coddling such as returning immediate RST's.

What Paul said.  Ident delenda est.  <-- suitable for use under inetd
and tcpserver, if all else fails.


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