more on, seems to waste IP space and DNS

John Brown jmbrown at
Tue Jun 17 03:21:24 UTC 2003

so i've been doing a bit more research on this.

NSI has * which is used on zones where
selected or all NS are not valid for a zone.

some zones have a  NS listed *AND* a
NS that is answering for the zone.

most zones have all NS's listed as

Big deal you say, who cares....

The side affect is that a good chuck of glue records are
listed in the the gTLD DNS servers with NS's and IP's that
are basicly invalid.

In looking at a single /19 used by, there
are 559 NS's listed using IP's from that /19.  

Of those 559 NS's over 20 are IP's tagged as  

What happens if someone sets up a service on those
IP's and a "quasi" lame zone gets a flood of traffic??

That poor customer is going to see a flood of DNS traffic.

Hosting providers may not be aware that THEIR IP space
is being "renamed" and listed for things they don't have
control over.

My thoughts are that if a registry as a  NS that is not proper
for a zone, that it should be REMOVE from the zones NS 

If there are no valid NS's for a zone, then the registry
should REMOVE the zone from the DNS.

Otherwise the registry zones will just grow with random glue

The other registries and registrars are doing similar things,
but different names....

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