Looking for transit

Etaoin Shrdlu shrdlu at deaddrop.org
Sat Jun 14 21:51:07 UTC 2003

Well, sort of.

I have a bunch of old network hardware. I've recently disassembled a test
network, and there are a lot of useful leftovers. Rob Thomas (of cymru.com,
amongst others) would like it. I'd really like him to have it.
Unfortunately, I'm in Southern California, and Rob is in Chicago.

I can get the equipment to Las Vegas, during defcon (http://www.defcon.org,
for the three of you who don't know what it is), which is August 1-3 this
year. If there's anyone driving to defcon from the Chicago area, who could
take it back there, or if there's anyone who is going from SoCal to
Chicago, would you please consider volunteering?

Rob's contributions are so worthwhile, I'd really like him to have the
goods. Otherwise, I'll just be donating them to a local trade school.

I've blind carbonned this to a few folk who are probably not on Nanog, and
who may or may not be able to help. Please, reply privately. No sense in
starting yet another off topic thread.

Here's the part that sucks. Don't volunteer if you can't be vouched for in
some way. Either Rob should know you, or someone well-known on Nanog should
know you, or I should know you. I want it to go to Rob.

Sorry for disturbing everyone, but I'm really hopeful that this'll work

"They had discovered Mr. Slippery's True Name and it was Roger Andrew
Pollack TIN/SSAN 0959-34-2861, and no amount of evasion, tricky
programming, or robot sources could ever again protect him from them."

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