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Fri Jun 13 15:12:30 UTC 2003

> On 6/13/2003 at 07:54:01 -0700, bmanning at karoshi.com said:
> >
> > 	I saw a DISA memo yesterday that mandates IPv6 compliance 
> > 	by 2008.
> Ah, government memos.  There's been ones mandating OSI protocols,
> UNIX workstations for all government employees...
> Government mandates aren't going to force a protocol by themselves.
> The marketplace is where v6 will be made or broken, and history shows
> the marketplace has two requirements: need and painlessness.  This
> might give the vendors a nudge, but it isn't going to be the reason
> the Great Changeover happens.
> -Dave

	too right. (having the scars from the OSI compliance tussle)
	the point being that this is one more grain added to the side of
	"IPv6 in my lifetime..."  DISA does occasionally have some
	impact on the marketplace that the rest of us play in.

	speaking of which, v6 zelots and cheerleaders may find this
	URL interesting:     http://www.usipv6.com/


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